Tallava SuperStar

Runtime: 45 min | Kosova | Shqip

Runtime: 45 min | Kosova | Shqip

Saranda Sahiti
Saranda Sahiti

Director: Saranda Sahiti
Producer: Lekë Rezniqi
Cinematographer: Eldita Tarani
Editor: Valon Badivuku

08 August
ProCredit Cinema


This documentary is a “small study” on social and cultural changes that grew during the time of us growing up. It’s a personal perspective of young individuals on music and the phenomena of “tallava” in it. We believe that “tallava” is an adopted form of music implanted in the Balkan folk. We see this as reflection political and social events that took place during the last 15 years, time in which this specific type of music developed. This film would be platform for various thinkers, musicians and “tallava” performers to share their ideas on the short and long term effect of this social/cultural phenomenon. The aim of this documentary is to portray the influence and the causes of this music in the global culture of the region. Also this documentary is a personal journey of a generation to understand in a larger scale what are the consequences advantages of this kind of media representation. 

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Graduate (2007), Faculty of Journalism “Faik Konica”, Prishtina, - (November-December 2006) KIJAC - Kosovo Institute of Journalism and Communication: 5 week training for independent producer from medias with professors from London, Siobhan Cleary, Course: Camera, Avid, Direction… (April – May 2007 ) IDI MEDIA GROUP, Training for camera, film. Lectures from Kaltrina Krasniqi and Yll Citaku . - Second School (1999/’00-2003/’04) Philology Gymnasium “Eqrem Çabej”, Prishtine -Elementary School (1991’92/1998/’99) „Naim Frasheri“, Prishtina


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