The Drowning Sea

The Drowning Sea

Khavn De La Cruz , Filipinet, -0001Colour, 6'

A mund të mbytet zemra? A mund të mbyten detet? Çfarë ka të bëjë dashuria me këto të mbytura? Çfarë ka të bëjë dashuria me detin? Pse kërkimi i të thjeshtës në të veçantën është duket si mbytje?

06 Gusht, Kino Lumbardhi, 14:00

8 Shorts - This Is Not A Film By Khavn

Regjisor: Khavn De La Cruz
Producent: Khavn De La Cruz
Kinematograf: Khavn De La Cruz
Editor: Lawrence S. Ang

Biografia e autorit

Be aware: while you're sitting in the cinema and watching the KHAVN Programme, his next film will be edited, a new poem will be written, a new song composed and another piano played. Diving into his poetry ("Ultraviolins"), his work as a musician and composer is all just logical and straight-lined: Telling and showing his stories on a certain level, where he does not need pictures anymore. In his complete work, Khavn is still fully aware of the history of his country and introduces us to his world, giving us a wild mixture, for years now, of horror, poetry, Philippine history, love, punk, emptiness and voluminous nostalgia. Khavn's very own argument seems assignable to the generation of the now 37 years old director: "Film is dead, please omit flowers". And even if there is still film it is all about rhythm, so "Let there be music".


Filmless Film
Khavn De La Cruz, Philippines

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