31 July 2010


Aside from films that will be screened during the days of the festival, Dokufest this year brings workshops and discussion panels such as:  
Master Class with Christian Frei
01 August, 16.00
Workshops and debates:

Renowned Swiss filmmaker Christian Frei will give a short master-class to aspiring documentary filmmakers and students of film from Kosovo and the region. A screening of short clips from his previous films “War Photographer” and “Giant Budha’s” together with the screening of “Space Tourists” will precede the master class in a magnificent surrounding of Gazi Mehmed Pasha’s Hammam.Open for limited number only.
Place: Hammam Museum 

Presence of the actor- Workshop by Marcell Ivanyi
2 - 3 August, 10.00 - 16.00
2 day long workshop where the participants get to know about editing within one take and how an actor can keep the tension up in a long take.
Participants: Selected film students from Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia
Place: Hamam Museum 

Panel discussion: “Documenting the Truth: Cinema on Minorities, Marginal and Immigrants”
02 August, 17.00
Panel discussion in honor of Zelimir Zilnik, one of the main protagonists of so called “Black Wave” of Yugoslav cinema and his constant preoccupation with people in the margins
Panelists: Jurij Meden, Sezgin Boynik and Zelimir Zilnik.
Open for all
Place: Hammam Museum 

Visa Liberalization - Debate
04 August, 11.00Through this debate, the organizers wanted to discuss one of the fundamental issues in Kosovo-EU relations; challenge prejudices, clichés and political rhetoric that influence the dynamics of visa liberalization process.
Participants: Ramadan Muja, Mayor of Prizren, Besim Beqaj, Minister of European Integrations of Kosovo, Venera Hajrullahu KCSF, Ilir Deda, KIPRED, TBA European Commision.
Moderated by: Hajrullah Çeku
Open for all
Supported by: Kosovo Civil Society Organization KCSF
Place: Prizren Municipality Building

Debate: Film Festivals & Environmental Issues
04 August, 15.00
Three film festivals directors dedicated to environmental issues will reflect on their long experience on environment protection and organizing film festivals.
Panelists: Jaume Gill I Lopard – Spain, Ruben Khachatryan- Armenia, Gaetano Capizzi – Italy.
Moderated by: Guri Skodra
Open for all
Place: Hamam Museum

The BDC 2010 workshop – module Prizren
05 - 06 August, 12.00
The 2010 BDC Workshop is aimed at Balkan documentary projects with an international potential and a cross-media angle. Through the workshop the projects develop a strategy for alternative distribution and financing, and get exposed to potential financiers and partners.
15 participants with projects took part at first session of the workshop, which took place in the beginning of July in Sofia, Bulgaria. The concluding two-day session is being held within DokuFest 2010.
A master class with acclaimed Finish filmmaker Visa Koiso-Kanttila will accompany the workshop.
For BDC workshop participants and limited number of observers.
Place: Hamam Museum

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