31 July 2010


Today, the final preparations for the 9th edition of DokuFest are being made. The volunteers of the festival took the initiative to clean up the River Lumbardhi above which lies the Riverbed Cinema. The point where festival’s guests can buy tickets, bags, T-shirts and other souvenirs is installed at the centre of the town.

The screens for the two alternative cinemas, Riverbed Cinema and Fortress Cinema have been installed. The festival camp is ready for all the guests that wish to stay in tends and closer to the nature.


The white flags with DokuFest inscriptions and corners where festival’s acrivies will take place walloon across the centre of Prizren.

DokuFest 2010 will start on Saturday, July 31st, in Open Air Cinema Lumbardhi. The opening will start at 20:30 with the performance of the artist Maksut Vezgishi called “I’m a national thing”.

 The opening will fallow with the screening of the documentary “Into Eternity” by Michael Madsen.”

“I even met happy gipsies” where the late actor Bekin Fehmiu stars will be shown at  22:15 at Riverbed Cinema.  Fortress Cinema will be promoted with “Welcome Europa” by Bruno Ulmer. 

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