31 July 2010

DokuKids 2010

The second edition of DokuKids comes with many film programs, special programs, and alternate jobs besides film. Children programs of DokuKids have picked 10 films in international competition. Among them are ‘Beginning Filmmaking’ by the American documenter Joe Rosenblatt and nine animations from Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland, and Canada. Competition for Sorra prize has now been transformed into something traditional in this program and this year has brought together a large number of produced videos from kids from Kosovo that applied to take place in this competition through the¬† webpage dokukids.com

In addition to films, for five days DokuKids brings you animated film workshops. Animations that last year resulted with enormous interest by kids. The animator has three packages of animations together with three tutors, and each guide a group of kids in a process which starts with the development of ideas, drawing of events table, character creations, and recordings and sounds of the animation. In the end each child that participates takes with them an animated CD that they have created in their group and every film appears on the big screen at DokuKids on the last day of the festival.

Animation workshop takes place over the course of five days, meanwhile to participate, apply at dokukids.com

The special program ONE MINUTE Jr. brings together 15 videos that are each one minute long, including desires, dreams, and worries of several children who live in roman camps all over Kosovo.

This special program is the result of a joint workshop between UNICEF and DokuKids which has come together with 15 young people, most from RAE communities which live in Kosovo, to learn the basic skills of directing and the use of a camera, the telling of events, working together, thinking creatively and expressing their thoughts. Every participant, once they developed their ideas, they produced a one minute long documentary which will be presented in front of an audience of this edition.

The videos ONE MINUTE Jr. participants are also participating with other videos of Sorra prize competition in this edition of DokuKids.


The Youth programe starts on Sunday 1st of August with Blue Retrospective about the anonymous animator of walls.

With a well defined programe, DokuKids brings the Programe of  the young ones, which this year has a massive participation of films in international races.

With 19 films participating, Youth International  Programme this year counts 6 documentary films, 13 animations and short films.Youth Programme which will show films during three nights, is proud that in its programme, there are two films competing for Oscars, which are the short finnish documentary film Lummiko by Miia Tervo and the dutch animation RED-END and the Seemingly Symbiotic Society by Bethany de Forest and Robin Noorda.

A part of this programme is also DokuMenta workshop which involves 8 young who for 5 days will create a documentary film following all the process with begins with the development of the idea , drawing the table of events, shooting, editing and sound system. Tutors of this workshop are the portugese Jose Biscaya and the kosovars Kreshnik Berisha, Yll Zymberi and Ilir Bajri, while this activity is supported by the Norwegian Office in Prishtina. The 8 documentaries of DokuMenta will show on Friday 6th of August in the closing night of the Young Programme.
At all the programme DokuKids and Youth Programme count 39 films in the International Race . Sorra Race.

Prizren, Blue Retrospective, and two alternative workshops of films. DokuKids 2010 Jury for Kids and Youth Programme are from the winners of the last year of Sorra Prize who are Adea Grezda and Viona Bejtullahu and also the young dokumentarist Nerxhivane Qazimi.
Both these programmes will show everyday from 18:00 – 20:00 from 1 til 6 August in Music School “Lorenc Antoni “ in Prizren , supported by UNICEF and Norwegian Office in Prishtina.

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