04 August 2010


Donika Pemova for DokuDaily
Movie Review
Vanni Mouse, Norway, Tamiliam Subas, 10'
Short Film Competition
Thursday, 05.08, 20:15 slot – Kino ne Kala
Screened after Laura's Party and before Incident by a Bank

Even though you will notice it in the first two minutes, it is worth saying that very little happens in “Vanni Mouse.” A lot is shown – everything is suggested. And almost nothing really happens. The word “Mouse” in the title is not misleading. This is a short with a mouse or two in it. Are they a symbol of something? Yes. It’s a short based entirely on symbolic contrasts – or rather one single linear contrasting concept.

The filming technique is interesting, it works well for its purpose. The point of view is surprising, and the movie's message is hidden in that original point of view. This is indeed a pretty original short film. At the end, though, “Vanni Mouse” leaves us with the impression that it is an exercise in filmmaking rather than a short about a serious issue.

But it works, still. It is worthwhile seeing it for the sake of realizing that some human actions are as repulsive as any rodent might be to us. And some mice can appear more humane than humans.

Rating: 6.5/10

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