04 August 2010


Donika Pemova for DokuDaily
Movie Review
Berik, Denmark, Daniel Joseph Borgman, 16'
Short Film Competition
Thursday, 05.08, 20:15 slot – Kino ne Kala
Screened after Hanoi-Warsaw

“Berik” is a real person. His face is deformed. His biggest dream is to be able to see. This beautifully shot (and well edited) film will let you know Berik and become his friend. It shows something we perceive as visually repulsive, but the photography and storyline makes it friendly, human – real. “Berik” is a film that alarms us about an existing issue, a problem. Do you really care? Because the truthful answer might be “no,” this is also a story that goes far beyond the portrayal of a problem.

People are not issues – they cannot be used as symbols or tools. People are people. Everybody is a human being. Everybody has a story. Berik’s story is with a bitter-sweet happy-sad ending. But it is a story that also begins. Instead of tragedy, we see hope. Even if we know it's hopeless. This short film's best asset is its humane and personal approach towards something that could have easily been just another tragedy on the line of tragedies we barely care about. Fortunately, it's not. Definitely worth seeing. Rating: 8/10

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