04 August 2010


Donika Pemova for DokuDaily
Movie Review
Incident by a Bank, Sweden, Ruben Ă–stlund, 12’
Short Film Competition
Thursday, 05.08, 20:15 slot – Kino ne Kala
Screened after Vanni Mouse and before Hanoi-Warsaw

“Incident by a Bank” is a reconstruction of an actual event, witnessed on June 26, 2006. This kind of opening prepares you for something pretty dramatic – it gives the sense of danger. What we get is a dangerously patient portrayal of an incident at a bank. This short is one of the few single-shot films you will have the chance to see. One camera, no cuts. Twelve minutes, one shot, and one incident that we don’t even see. “Look, the film is pretty good,” one of the characters says. “The one you shot?” asks the other. Yes, the one called “Incident by a Bank” is pretty good. In fact, it’s very good. It is not the typical short film. You  do not get that moment, that line or that scene were the point of the film is suddenly revealed.

The point of this film is some very good, sharp, and clever filmmaking. And the filmmaker himself is a central character, but in a sleek and stylish way. “Incident by a Bank” is also a short that will surprise you with its truthfulness. Imagine a movie about a bank robbery – with guns and masks. Now go and watch a short film about a bank robbery, which at the same time is not a film about a bank robbery. It’s the bank robbery you couldn’t have really imagined because it’s about what really happens during a bank robbery. Sounds confusing? It really isn't. The movie's message is clearly and masterfully presented. We also shouldn’t forget to congratulate the brilliant title. In fact this short is all about the difference between an incident at a bank and an incident by a bank. You think you knew? Think again with these twelve minutes that are much better and a lot funnier than Ocean’s Twelve, for instance. Rating: 9.5/10

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