31 July 2010



Donika Pemova for DokuDaily
Movie Review
8 Shorts - This is not a Film by Khavn
Friday, 06.08, 14:00 – Kino Lumbardhi


For the sake of this review, let’s refer to This is not a film by Khavn as “it.” Because that is what it is. It’s an it, a thing, a something, a nothing. And much  more than that as well. It’s a Khavn de la Cruz flick, it’s a Khavn de la Cruz music, it’s a Khavn de la Cruz short, it’s a Khavn de la Cruz film. Who the hell is Khavn de la Cruz?

“Hey, give me some money, hey give me a job, hey give me a letter, hey give me kids, hey give me a house, I deserve it. I deserve it as you do. I deserve it even if you don’t. I deserve it. Cuz I am a human being, and I am a creation of God, I look like God. I look like trash.”

Imagine staying up late and browsing YouTube all night long. From one suggestion to another, from one link to another, you always fall on something really weird that you don’t know what it means or why the one who did it did it. When you watch “it” on a big screen, at 2 p.m. on a Friday, in the haunting Kino Lumbardhi, you will ask yourself “Palidhje, why is this in a movie FESTIVAL?” The answer is clear. If not anything else, if not a film, at least it’s something honest (more honest than any REAL film that is a film today, more honest than most people you will meet in your life) –  its honesty will leave you with an empty feeling in the stomach. Even the funny parts are a bit brutal. And funny.

It’s psychedelic, it’s ridiculous, it’s strong and sad, it’s random but with brilliant writing. Yes, you see, maybe that’s why they show it at a movie festival. You won’t like it, but it’s a film that is not a film, so IT doesn’t care if you like it or not. Just do see it. Feel free to leave whenever you want, but be sure you will have missed something if you do so. And if you should stay till the end – upon entering the cinema hall, be prepared for something you won’t like. It’s not a film, it’s not even shorts. But it is a filmless film, at least. It’s pretentious and common at the same time. It’s one of these things that many want to do with their own digital cameras, but only a few actually can. It’s the black cloud of this festival that will hang over you and make you smile because now you know just a little bit more about somebody else’s misery.

Khavn de la Cruz is the one who saw that misery and made a film about it. And tubed it in your face through a Doku screen. 

Rating: 7.5/10

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