Burbuqe Berisha, Kosovo, 2010Red, Colour, 27'

The film takes place in an apartment building, where the writer meets different, weird and noisy characters that cause him great deal of concern regarding his artistic creativity. A fight erupts between the writer and the other residents when the writer cut the power in the building and stops the elevator. The residents have other alternatives for making their incessant noise. In the end, the writer decides to close the building, so that nobody can move. The entire situation and characters turn out to be a product of the writer’s imagination.

06 August, Kino Bahçe, 20:15

Short Film Competition

Director: Burbuqe Berisha
Producer: Burbuqe Berisha
Cinematographer: Samir Karahoda
Editor: Agron Vula
Sound: Iliros

Director's Biography

Born in Skopje FYROM, she graduated in Film Directing from the Prishtina University’s Arts Academy, Kosovo. She mastered in the same Academy in Film Direction and Production. She has made a considerable number of short and documentary films, as well as theatre plays. She has one a few International film and theatre awards and has worked for a few years managing Prishtina’s Cinemas, a producing KosovaFilm films and serving as jury member in numerous international film festivals. She is currently the General Director of Kosovo’s National Theatre.

Festivals and Awards:



Abfilm Isstra Creative factory

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