Seitti - kilvoittelijan päiväkirja

Seitti - kilvoittelijan päiväkirja

Ito - A Diary of an Urban Priest

Pirjo Honkasalo, Finland, 2009DigiBeta, Colour, 111;

Set in Tokyo, "Ito – A Diary of an Urban Priest" tells the story of Yoshinobu Fujioka, a young Buddhist priest, and his fervent search for the meaning of life amid oppressive dreams, back alleys of the city and the darkness of the human mind. Yoshinobu hears confession in a women´s prison, bars and an old geisha house, while the many layers of nocturnal Tokyo and unpredictable memories are twisted into a web that drives people face-to-face with one another.

06 August, Shtëpia e Kulturës, 18:00

Made In Finland

Director: Pirjo Honkasalo
Producer: Kristiina Pervilä
Cinematographer: Pirjo Honkasalo, Marita Hällfors
Editor: Pirjo Honkasalo
Sound: Joonas Jyrälä, Miia Nevalainen, Panu Riikonen, Kozo Hosomi

Director's Biography

Born in 1947, Pirjo is an established director, screenwriter, producer and photographer, winning countless awards for her work. She directed several films in the 1970s and 80s with Pekka Lehto (including "Da Capo", 1985). In the '90s, she made the so-called "Trilogy of the Sacred and the Evil", consisting of "Mysterion" (1991), "Tanjuska and the 7 Devils" (1993) and "Atman" (1996). In 2004, she made the multiple-award-winning "The 3 Rooms of Melancholia".

Festivals and Awards:

Nordisk Panorama 2009, Reykjavík, Iceland. DOK Leipzig – 52nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film 2009, Leipzig, Germany. Istanbul International Independent Film Festival 2010, Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey.


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