Corinna Faith, UK, 2006Beta SP, Colour, 19'

Mali visits the homes of frail elderly people and provides the care they can no longer give to themselves. But when he enters the home of a new client called Archie, he finds neither he, nor his help, are welcome.

02 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 16:00

Oberhausen On Tour

Director: Corinna Faith
Producer: Rachel Bailey, Tracy Bass
Cinematographer: Chirs Cox
Editor: Kant Pan
Sound: Max De Wardener

Director's Biography

Corinna graduated from University of Westminster in 1996 with First Class Honours after completing their Film and Video arts degree, with a specialty in cinematography. She went into documentary after being given her first opportunity to direct through a competition run by Channel 4 that allowed newcomers to make 10-minute documentaries.

Festivals and Awards:

Best Short Film Nomination – BAFTA Film Awards 2007, UK.


Corinna Faith

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