Rodi Yüzbaşı, Turkey, 2010DigiBeta, Colour, 52'

The village depicted in this film has lived through many events during the last century, like the Russian war; exile of the Armenians; Geliye Zila; Ağrı Resistance; and lastly, the ongoing war in the region. Miraz is abouth the youth, who has found the hope by going to Europe through illegal routes for a better life; and about the expectancy of the mother and the father, who have hoped that their children, who had taken refuge in France would come back one day.

05 August, Kino në Lum, 22:15


Director: Rodi Yüzbaşı
Producer: Mehtap Bayer
Cinematographer: Rodi Yüzbaşı
Editor: Rodi Yüzbaşı
Sound: Burhan Berken

Director's Biography

Miraz, 2010. Mezra Ezidiya, 2009.

Festivals and Awards:

Documetarist – Istanbul Documentary Days 2010, Turkey. 2nd Documentary Award in the Amateurs Category – TRT Documentary Film Contest 2010, Turkey. Ankara International Film Festival 2010, Turkey. International Istanbul Film Festival 2010, Turkey.



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