İki Dil Bir Bavul

İki Dil Bir Bavul

On The Way to School

Orhan Eskiköy, Özgür Doğan, Turkey/Netherlands, 2008BetaSP, Colour, 81'

One year in the life of a Turkish teacher, teaching the Turkish language to Kurdish children in a remote village in Turkey. The children can’t speak Turkish; the teacher can’t speak Kurdish and is forced to become an exile in his own country. The film witnesses the communication problem emphasising the loneliness of a teacher in a different community and culture; and the changes brought up by his presence into this different community during one year. During this period, they begin to know and understand each other mutually and slowly.

04 August, Kino në Lum, 22:15


Director: Orhan Eskiköy, Özgür Doğan
Producer: Perişan Film
Cinematographer: Orhan Eskiköy
Editor: Orhan Eskiköy, Thomas Balkenhol
Sound: Özgür Doğan, Zeynel Doğan

Director's Biography

İki Dil Bir Bavul, 2010. Anneler ve Çocuklar, 2004. Sürgün, 2004. Dışarıda Olmak, 2002. Hayaller Birer Kırık Ayna, 2001.

Festivals and Awards:

Mahmut Tali Öngören Special Prize – Ankara International Film Festival 2010, Turkey. Silver Bull Award – Festival on Wheels 2010, Turkey. Best First Film Award – Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 2009, Turkey. Best Middle Eastern Documentary Film – Middle East International Film Festival 2009, UAE. Yılmaz Güney Grand Jury Prize & SİYAD Turkish Film Critics' Prize for Best Film – Adana Golden Boll Film Festival 2009, Turkey.



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