Little Cannes - New media landscape Prishtina

Little Cannes - New media landscape Prishtina

Lena Kienzer, Liliane Sarah K├Âlbl, Austria, 2009Mini DV, Colour, 25'

This film deals with the perspectives of an emerging communication society and with its various efforts within the cultural scene of Prishtina. The presentation of some of the media cultural events reveals a new and exciting view on this country. A view, which differs from that one, we know already from Western media. We want to show the positive development within Kosova, in order to correct the usual image Middle Europe has. Kosova is more than just a post-war country.

03 August, Kino në Kala, 22:15

Branding Kosovo

Director: Lena Kienzer, Liliane Sarah K├Âlbl
Producer: Arno Aschauer
Cinematographer: Constantin Hatz
Editor: Denise Eitlj├Ârg, Lena Kienzer, Liliane Sarah K├Âlbl
Sound: Constantin Hatz, Denise Eitlj├Ârg

Director's Biography

This film was the diploma work of a young filming team of four persons. With this work, they graduated in Photography & Audiovisual Media from 'Die Graphische' High School in Vienna.

Festivals and Awards:

Skena Up Prishtina 2009, Kosovo. Cinemarkt Vienna 2010, Austria


Institute for Film & Transmedia
Pillergasse 3/7, 1150 Vienna
+43 1 974 02 58

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