Concrete Mushrooms

Concrete Mushrooms

Elian Stefa, Gyler Mydyti, Italy, Kosovo, Albania, 201035mm, Colour, 24'

The Concrete Mushrooms Project is an initiative started by two graduate students at the Polytechnic of Milan’s Landscape Architecture department. The project revolves around the 750,000 bunkers left over from the communist era of Albania. The founding principles of Concrete Mushrooms are: 1. The confrontation of the bunker as symbol of xenophobia with deliberate awareness for the purpose of inverting its meaning into a symbol of hospitality. 2. The preservation of a memoir from a significant period of the Albanian history. 3. The recognition of the bunkers as a resource instead of as a burden. The Concrete Mushrooms documentary (an independent component of the project) explores the evolution and history of the bunkers, recounted by important Albanian personalities who dealt with and lived during the period the bunkers were being built in Albania. It also deals with the current state of these structures and the coexistence between them and the residents of Albania.

06 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 18:00

National Competition

Director: Elian Stefa, Gyler Mydyti
Producer: Elian Stefa, Gyler Mydyti
Cinematographer: Elian Stefa, Gyler Mydyti
Editor: Elian Stefa, Gyler Mydyti
Sound: Elian Stefa, Gyler Mydyti

Director's Biography

Gyler Mydyti was born in 1984 in Prizren, Kosova, and Elian Stefa in 1985 in Vlora, Albania. Due to various reasons they have had the opportunity to live in and come in contact with multiple cultures such as: Gyler in Prishtine-Kosova, Istanbul-Turkey, Tirana-Albania, Milan-Italy, Boras-Sweden, and Elian in Toronto-Canada, Athens-Greece, Milan-Italy, Tirana-Albania. This has given them the chance to compare and combine cultural elements in their creative output.


Concrete Mushrooms di Porta Romana, 74; 20122 Milano, Italy
+ 393297011878

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