Ethet e arit

Ethet e arit

Gold Fever

Arben Llapashtica, Kosovo, 2009Kosova, 2009 DV cam, Colour, 40'

This documentary aims at preserving Novobrdo castle from vandals on a gold hunt. Legend has it that there is a “gold chest” underneath the castle. Illegal excavations, undertaken because of the “gold chest” legend have not only hurt the castle, but also the city’s ancient pagan culture, its proud heritage. Novobrdo is one of the poorest Kosovo Municipalities, characterized with bad infrastructure, low job opportunities and low living standard. Regardless of it, interethnic relations are very stabile here, with both communities wanting to live together in peace. The only wealth that Novobrdo has is its cultural heritage, which is now protected under the Ahtisaari package.

06 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 18:00

National Competition

Director: Arben Llapashtica
Producer: Arben Llapashtica
Cinematographer: Arben Llapashtica
Editor: Kreshnik Shala
Sound: Dardan Ramabaja

Director's Biography

January 2001 - still employed KTV (Kohavision TV) Media: Broadcast Video-Journalist. Preparing and Conducting TV News. Filming TV Documentaries. Filming short TV Films. Editing TV stories 2009-still employed (part time) Kosovo Institute of Journalism and Communication, Prishtina, Kosova School for Journalism - MA Program Cameraman.


Arben Llapashtica
"Nazim Gafurri" 62 Prishtine

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