Fëmijëria peng

Fëmijëria peng

Childhood held hostage

Donika Mustafaj, Albania, 2010DVD, 60'

Through the last twenty years in Albania a rich class of the society has developed, which represents the success of the economy of the free market. This film questions just how much can these children from rich families have a flourishing childhood. The subject is given in three perspectives: How do the children cope with the wealth of their families? How do the parents understand the chance for they’re children to have everything and how does this effect their concept of education, the fact that they, themselves, had a very difficult childhood? Well known Albanian psychologists, sociologists and professors, give an interpretation about the sharps problems that come up from the filmed reality, but, of course, at all times keeping a neutral point of view.

04 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 18:00

National Competition

Director: Donika Mustafaj
Producer: Albanian Media Institute
Cinematographer: Olsi Beci, Spartak Papadhimitri
Editor: Albanian Media Institute
Sound: Kristaq Kristo

Director's Biography

Born in Peshkopia, Albania. She graduated from the department of Philosophy of the University of Tirana. Since 2002 she works at the RTSH (Albanian Radio-Television). ā€œChildhood held hostageā€ is her sixth documentary-film.


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