Aiti Ei Enaa Keilaa

Aiti Ei Enaa Keilaa

Mother Doesn’t Bowl Anymore

Teemu Nikki, Finland, 2009DigiBeta, Colour, 10;

Young nazi skinhead, Väino, comes home from prison. Mother is not around, but big brother is. Big brother is not telling him the whereabouts of mother, but for some reason there's a lot of raw meat around the apartment.

02 August, Shtëpia e Kulturës, 18:00

Made In Finland

Director: Teemu Nikki
Producer: Teemu Nikki
Cinematographer: Tuomas Seppänen
Editor: Teemu Nikki
Sound: Aleksi Koskinen

Director's Biography

Thirty-two years old, this pig farmer’s son, has directed plenty of commercials and music videos. He had also made a few short films.

Festivals and Awards:

Tampere Film Festival 2010, Finland.


Tampere Film Festival 2010, Finland.

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