Kulla e Sahatit

Kulla e Sahatit

The Clock Tower

Arzana Kraja, Kosovo, 2009DV, Colour, 27'

A short story about a small place, where people do not respect Time and begin to have distortions of their personal time. The story is told from Time's point of view, which is angry by this disregard and decides not to work for these people. The characters of the film, unsuccessfully, try to find a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. They try to blame this malfunction to the town's clock repairman and they ask him to find a solution.

05 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 18:00

National Competition

Director: Arzana Kraja
Producer: Shkumbin Istrefi
Cinematographer: Fitim Shala
Editor: Faton Hasani
Sound: PĂ«llumb Ballata

Director's Biography

Born in 03/01/1981 in Prishtina, Kosovo. Studied film directing in University of Prishtina. Author of seven short films. Organizer of "Skena UP" Student's Film and Theater Festival 2002 – 2008. Producer of local sit-com in Kosovo, "Kafeneja Jone".

Festivals and Awards:

PriFilmFest. Sofia International Film Festival


Creative Factory "ISSTRA"
Rr. Nena Tereze, Prishtinë
+377 44 50 30 40

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