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Last Orders

Avni Ahmetaj, Kosovo, 2009DV, Colour, 9'

St Mary Street in Cardiff is notorious for its weekend drinking fest. Students and tourists come from all over to take part in the binge drinking culture which has become synonymous with the city. It has become a standard spectacle seeing people dancing, crawling, urinating, singing, eating, vomiting, arguing and fighting. You either love it or hate it.

06 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 18:00

National Competition

Director: Avni Ahmetaj
Producer: Avni Ahmetaj , SinéadO’Buachalla
Cinematographer: Mattia Spinelli
Editor: Avni Ahmetaj
Sound: Arnaldo Hernandez Díaz

Director's Biography

Authors took a mid career brake on 2007-2008 to enrol on the MA International Journalism at Cardiff University. After earning their MA degrees they continue their television careers in UK, Italy, Cuba and Kosovo.


Avni Ahmetaj

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