Jeton Troni, Norway, Kosovo, 201035mm, Colour, 14'

Qirak (apprentice) is about an orphan boy who works at a barbershop in Skopje, Macedonia. It´s heavy work, he´s treated poorly, both physically and mentally. When we meet the Qirak he has almost given up dreaming about a better future. And when he finally burns all bridges, something happens that only fate can plan.

05 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 18:00

National Competition

Director: Jeton Troni
Producer: Marius Sørhus
Cinematographer: Kristoffer Hergum
Editor: Torfinn Rønning Sanderud, Martin Myhre
Sound: Pavle Ĺ˝ivković

Director's Biography

A Kosovo-Albanian born in Skopje, Macedonia and raised in Norway. After one year film school in Norway, he attended The Arts Institute at Bournemouth for his bachelor in film. Jeton is particularly interested in stories that tell us something about our society works. He is not afraid to tackle serious issues, but always with a strong story as the foundation.

Festivals and Awards:

The Norwegian Short Film Festival 2010.


After Sunrise Productions
Tvetenvn. 201, 0675 OSLO, Norway
+47 93890498

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