The Notion of Immanent Causation

The Notion of Immanent Causation

Óskar Arnarson, Iceland, Kosovo, 2009Beta SP, Colour, 28'

A pessimistic foreigner, living in Iceland, believes people have no power over their lives. Someone tries to convince him otherwise.

04 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 18:00

National Competition

Director: Óskar Arnarson
Producer: Óskar Arnarson
Cinematographer: Óskar Arnarson
Editor: Óskar Arnarson
Sound: Bj├Ârn ├ôskar Arnarson

Director's Biography

Is a 26 year old Icelander who has stepped into the world of filmmaking full force, taking it from hobby to lifestyle. With the help of passionate people he has made his first film: The Notion of Immanent Causation. Arnarson is an artist at heart with an architectural background, which has undoubtedly found its way into his filmmaking. He is on a mission to influence the world through his storytelling. He believes being realistic is just setting boundaries for yourself - You should always shoot for the stars, no matter what.

Festivals and Awards:

Reykjav├şk Short Film Festival - Winner of audience prize.


Óskar Arnarson
T├│masarhagi 14
107 Reykjav├şk, Iceland

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