Chienne D'Historie

Chienne D'Historie

Barking Island

Serge Avédikian, France, 201035mm, Colour, 15'

Constantinople 1910. The streets are overrun with stray dogs. The newly-established government, influenced by a model of Western society, uses European experts to choose a method of eradication before deciding, suddenly and alone, to massively deport the dogs to a deserted island away from the city.

02 August, Kino Bahçe, 20:15

Short Film Competition

Director: Serge Avédikian
Producer: Ron Dyens, Aurélia Prévieu
Cinematographer: Frédéric Tribolet
Sound: Christophe Heral

Director's Biography

Leads a parallel career as actor, director and producer. Barking Island is his third animated film, after Lifeline in 2003 and A Beautiful Morning in 2005 that use similar techniques. He has also made documentaries (No Turning Back, What Have My Friends Become, Irina Brook, The Contagious Joy) and most recently We Drank the Same Water released in 2008. He has also made many short and medium-length films (Bonjour Monsieur, Au Revoir Madame, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mission Accomplished) as well as film poems (I Knew the Sun Well, The Fifth Dream, Lux Aeterna, Terra Emota).He is currently working on his first feature film: The Last Round.

Festivals and Awards:

Cannes, Palme d'Or - Short Film, 2010.


10 bis, rue Bisson 75020 Paris

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