The Harvest

Sami Korjus, Finland, 200635mm, Colour, 15'

For so long, the farmhouse lady Anja Huovinen has put up with her lazy husband’s drinking habits and idle talk. Gritting her teeth, she has swallowed all the crap and focused on her work instead. But there is a limit to everything. When the man turns a deaf ear to her opinions, she…

05 August, Shtëpia e Kulturës, 18:00

Made In Finland

Director: Sami Korjus
Producer: Ilkka Mertsola
Cinematographer: Jussi Syrjä
Editor: Timo Linnasalo
Sound: Jouko Lumme

Director's Biography

"Harvest" is Sami Korjus' first professional film.

Festivals and Awards:

Tampere Film Festival 2008. Festival de Cine de Huesca 2010, Spain. Motovun Film Festival 2009, Croatia. The Miyukino Film Festival 2009, Nagano, Japan.


Sputnik Oy
Museokatu 13 A
00100 Helsinki
+358 9 68 77 100

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