Freetime Machos

Freetime Machos

Mika Ronkainen, Finland, Germany, 2009HD, Colour, 85'

Matti and Mikko play for Finland's worst amateur rugby team. Overworked and domesticated, the two men long for a space to revel in their masculinity and bond with other men. While weekend rugby allows them to indulge in a communal fantasy of virility, between practices the teammates struggle with their more real and often emasculating day-to-day concerns: Mikko buys a new house, Matti's girlfriend pressures him for commitment, and a drive for new members draws interest only from a young Spanish woman whose attempts to carve out a place for herself on the team change the group's homosocial dynamic in unexpected ways.

01 August, Shtëpia e Kulturës, 18:00

Made In Finland

Director: Mika Ronkainen
Producer: Mika Ronkainen, Kimmo Paananen
Cinematographer: Samuli Putro, Ahti Marja-aho
Editor: Anders Villadsen
Sound: Vesa Taipaleenmäki, Mika Ronkainen

Director's Biography

Made award-winning and acclaimed documentaries like "Screaming Men", "Our Summer", "Car Bonus", "Before the Flood", and "Father's Day". He also works as producer, editor and composer, and cofounded the Air Guitar World Championships. Ronkainen lives and works in Oulu, northern Finland – the hometown of the rugby club.

Festivals and Awards:

HotDocs, Canada2010. IDFA 2010. Tampere Film Festival, Finland 2010. Docs Barcelona, Spain 2010.


Marja Pallassalo
Finnish Film Foundation
Helsinki 00160
+358 9 6220 3021

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