Into Eternity

Into Eternity

Michael Madsen, Denmark,, 2009HD-Cam SR, Colour, 72'

Every day, the world over, large amounts of high-level radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants is placed in interim storage, which is vulnerable to natural disasters, man-made disasters and societal changes. In Finland, the world’s first permanent repository is being hewn out of solid rock – a huge system of underground tunnels – that must last 100,000 years as this is how long the waste remains hazardous.

31 July, Kino Bahçe, 20:15

06 August, Kino në Kala, 22:15

Green Docs Competition

Director: Michael Madsen
Producer: Lise Lense-Møller
Cinematographer: Heikki Färm
Editor: Daniel Dencik, Stefan SundlĂśf
Sound: Nicolai Linck, Øivind Weingaarde

Director's Biography

Born in 1971, a film director and conceptual artist, he directed several documentaries such as the award-winning “To Damascus – a Film on Interpretation” (2005); and founded and artistic leader of the Sound/Gallery, a 900 square meter sound diffusion system underneath the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark (1996-2001).

Festivals and Awards:

Nominated for International Green Film Award – Cinema for Peace 2010, Berlin, Germany. CPH:DOX 2009, Denmark.


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