Mein Herz sieht die Welt Schwarz

Mein Herz sieht die Welt Schwarz

War and Love in Kabul

Helga Reidemeister, Germany, 2009DigiBeta, Colour, 87'

Hossein and Shaima have loved each other since childhood, but they were separated by war. They meet again in Kabul in the late ‘90s. Poverty forces Hossein to fight in the war and a shell splinter leaves him paralyzed. At the same time, Shaima is sold in marriage to a man 40 years her senior as his fourth wife… Whatever happens doesn’t prevent the two lovers from seeing each other as much as possible. This documentary is an amazing story about tribal laws, disgrace, fear and hope for change in a war-ravaged country.

01 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 14:00

Spotlight: Afghanistan

Director: Helga Reidemeister
Producer: Zoran Solomun, Helga Reidemeister
Cinematographer: Lars Barthel
Editor: Marzia Mete
Sound: Nic Nagel, Katherine Geinitz

Director's Biography

Born in 1940 in Halle (Saale), she took final school examinations in Cologne in 1959. From 1961-65 she studied painting at the College of Fine Arts in Berlin. From 1968-73 she worked as a social worker in Märkisches Viertel in Berlin. From 1973-78 she studied at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. She began making documentaries in 1971 and has lectured in Germany and abroad since 1988.

Festivals and Awards:

Berlinale 2009, Germany. One World, Int’l Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2009, Czech Republic. Ipekyolu Film Festival 2009, Bursa, Turkey.


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