Bogotá Change

Bogotá Change

Andreas Møl Dalsgaard, Denmark, 2009DigiBeta, Colour, 58'

A vaccine against crime. Weapons melted down for baby cutlery. “Bogotá Change” is the story of two charismatic mayors, Antanas Mockus and Enrique Peñalosa, who, with unorthodox methods, in less than 10 years turned one of the world's most dangerous, violent and corrupt capitals into a peaceful model city populated by caring citizens. With Mockus and Peñalosa and key members of their staff as first hand witnesses, the film uncovers the ideas, philosophies and strategies that underlie the changes in Bogotá and which are now being exported to cities worldwide.

01 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 18:00

03 August, Kino në Kala, 20:15

Cities On Speed

Director: Andreas Møl Dalsgaard
Producer: Anna-Maria Kantarius, Jesper Jack, Henrik Veileborg
Cinematographer: Ricardo Restrepo
Editor: Mette Zeruneith
Sound: Bobby Hess

Director's Biography

Born in 1980 in Denmar, B.A. in social anthropology at Aarhus University, Graduate of the National Film School of Denmark his debut documentary “Afghan Muscles” (2007) was a festival hit, winning Best Documentary at AFI Los Angeles and Open Eyes Award at Rome MedFilm Festival.

Festivals and Awards:

IDFA 2009, Holland. CPH:DOX 2010, Denmark. One World - Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2010, Czech Republic. Planete Doc Review Warsaw 2010, Poland. Göteborg Int’l Film Festival 2010, Sweden. Documenatrist Istanbul 2010, Turkey. Melbourne Film Festival 2010, Australia.


DR Byen Emil Holms Kanal 20,
DK-0999 København C

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