Cairo Garbage

Cairo Garbage

Mikala Krogh, Denmark, 2009HD, Colour, 55'

Once upon a time there was a city that was neat and tidy, and which was home to only 12 million people. Today, however, Cairo has a population estimated at 20 million. Garbage is piling up in the streets and the piles are growing. Everyone in Cairo has his or her views on garbage but nobody knows what to do about it. Italian garbage disposal operators are brought in to tackle the city's waste problems and to teach the city dwellers rational garbage habits. “Cairo Garbage” is a portrait of the city community seen through its garbage.

01 August, Kino Lumbardhi, 18:00

03 August, Kino në Kala, 20:15

Cities On Speed

Director: Mikala Krogh
Producer: Sigrid Helene Dyekjær
Cinematographer: Sherief Elkatsha
Editor: Theis Schmidt, Marion Tuor
Sound: Kristian Eidnes Andersen

Director's Biography

Born in 1973 in Denmark, she graduated in documentary direction from the National Film School of Denmark in 2001. She worked for several years in radio before making her directorial debut in 1992 with “Epilog”/”Epilogue” (co-directed with Sara Bro) and has since worked with personal, investigative and experimental documentaries.

Festivals and Awards:

Göteborg Int’l Film Festival 2010, Sweden. Planete Doc Review Warsaw 2010, Poland. Documenatrist Istanbul 2010, Turkey. Melbourne Film Festival 2010, Australia.


DR Byen Emil Holms Kanal 20,
DK-0999 København C

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