Little Bride

Leslaw Dobrucki, Poland, 201035mm, Colour, 14'

Our heroine stopped praying long ago. She was brought from her native Turkey to Germany to marry one of her cousins, when she was thirteen. This is how her childhood ended – she became the property of a husband, who tortures and degrades her. She finally decides to flee, but must continuously be in hiding. Condemned by both families, she has no chance at a normal life, neither as a wife nor a divorcee. The film is not a typical intervention reportage, but a poetic collage comprising of documentary material, family photographs and children’s drawings. This individual life story reflects the stories of many other girls and women subjected to a patriarchal law, still enforced by tacit consent in multicultural societies of Western Europe.

04 August, Shtëpia e Kulturës, 16:00

International Documentary Competition

Director: Leslaw Dobrucki
Producer: Katarzyna Slesicka
Cinematographer: Piotr Rosolowski
Editor: Jakub Kossak, Robert Polewski
Sound: Zofia Gołębiowska

Director's Biography

Performer, musician, director. In 1998, graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and then in 2007 from Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, where he directed "Booth of fortune" and co-directed "The Crew".

Festivals and Awards:

International Film Festival Human Rights in Film WATCH DOCS 2009.


Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing
Chelmska 21, 00-724 Warszawa

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