1717 Kilometrov Poletja 2009

1717 Kilometrov Poletja 2009

1717 Kilometers of Summer 2009

Jurij Meden, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, 2010Mini DV, Colour, 27'

Super 8mm record of a summer filled with idiotic excursions, false goals, prodigal waste, disappointed loves, galling personal insufficiencies, half-witted associations, but still a rather memorable and pleasant summer nonetheless. Also a road movie, a romance, an experiment, a poem without sense and sensibility, without rhythm and rhyme…

05 August, Kino në Lum, 20:15

Balkan Documentary Competition

Director: Jurij Meden
Producer: Jurij Meden
Cinematographer: Jurij Meden, Vlado Å kafar
Editor: Jurij Meden
Sound: Paulo Raposo

Director's Biography

Jurij Meden, born in Ljubljana (1977), film worker.


Na jami 11, 1000 Ljubljana

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