Girl Like Me

Girl Like Me

Rowland Jobson, UK, 200916mm, Colour, 14'

Lucy is young, Lucy is damaged, Lucy is pretty and Lucy likes to play. Lucy, aged only 13, attempts to get away from her dysfunctional family, an ever arguing step dad, mum and her dull teenage life by meeting up with a '16 year old boy' on a blind date with her shy friend Becks. Dumping her friend along the way deciding she wants him for herself she waits in a restaurant dressed and made up as a young woman out to catch a man. The boy she exchanges salacious text messages with turns out to be Tony, but he's not 16. Lucy's not concerned, maybe she always knew. He's concerned, then infatuated. She flirts, she plays games, she's witty, feisty and outrageous, but in control. There's no doubt they get on. She asks him to take her back to his place and he does. Roles change, converge and reverse as Lucy's control slips...What is she going to do?

02 August, Kino Bahçe, 20:15

Short Film Competition

Director: Rowland Jobson
Producer: Zoe Webster, Victoria Wood
Cinematographer: Robbie Ryan
Editor: Chris Barwell
Sound: David Bekkevold

Director's Biography

Rowland came late into directing after training as an actor at Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre. Born into a wild family, he became wild at school leaving with an exam only in Art. Forced into a government scheme for unemployable teenagers, he worked his way up from a filing clerk in to become assistant director of a city brokers, where he became disillusioned and so trained as an actor. He acted for a number of years then went to work with homeless people. He ironically lost his home following the film. His work often focuses on social issues and problems like homelessness and mental health. He now directs and writes films focused often on social issues, alongside documentaries, pop promos and commercials.

Festivals and Awards:

Venice International FIlm Festival 2009, Italy. Encounters Film Festival 2009, UK. London Short Film Festival 2010, UK. Slamdance 2010, UK. Premiers Plans d'Angers 2010, France.


Seefood Ltd,
7 Denmark Street, London WC2H 8LZ

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