Vivre encore un peu...

Vivre encore un peu...

Live a bit longer…

David Lambert, Belgium, 2009Betacam SP, Colour, 15'

In the early hours of every night, while his lover, Pierre, is asleep upstairs, Nico works with his father the baker. All of a sudden he falls to the ground...

03 August, Kino në Lum, 22:15

Short Film Competition

Director: David Lambert
Producer: Jean-Yves Roubin
Cinematographer: Hicham Alaouié
Editor: Yannick Leroy
Sound: Keng-Way Chang Chik-Tê, Leny Andrieux

Director's Biography

Born in 1974 in Belgian Ardennes, he graduated in Languages and Romanic Literatures at the University of Liège. He started working in theater as a playwright, and then as a set designer. At thirty he turned to scriptwriting. He had been working for 2 years in a children’s show for the RTBF, "Ici Blabla" before teaming up with numerous French and Belgian directors for screenplays of feature films.

Festivals and Awards:

Milan International Film Festival 2009, Italy. Mediawave – Int’l Film and Music Festival 2010, Hungary.


11 b quai Churchill
4020 Liege Belgique

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