Laura’s Party

Laura’s Party

Simon Jaquemet, Switzerland, 200935mm, Colour, 20'

Laura is going to be sixteen tomorrow. She wants to celebrate with her friends and her boyfriend Raoul: Disco, booze and Play station. But at Laura’s house chaos reigns: Her single parent father has had a party himself the night before and has even brought home his new boyfriend for the first time.

05 August, Kino në Kala, 20:15

Short Film Competition

Director: Simon Jaquemet
Producer: Philippe Graber, Christoph Kohler
Cinematographer: Gabriel Sandru, Carlotta Steinmann
Editor: Claudio Cea, Simon Jaquemet
Sound: Peter Broker, Simon Jaquemet

Director's Biography

Born in 1978 in Zurich, he attended Preparatory course at HGKZ (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich) in 2000, later attending the HGKZ, Film and Video Department in 2001, receiving the HGKZ degree in 2005.

Festivals and Awards:

Worldwide Shortfilm Festival Toronto 2010, Canada.


Graber Filme GmbH
Agnesstrasse 39
CH – 8004 Zürich

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