01 August 2010

Dokushop is ready, are you?

On July 29th, the setup for Dokushop was completed and this year there are many surprises and discounts for DokuFest fans:
The movie tickets for every cinema of DokuFest are 2 euros and will be sold 50% cheaper (1 euro) if you pay by using the electronic cards issued by our sponsors PROCREDIT BANK and text messages by IPKO.

Fujifilm awards 1 digital camera every night for one lucky person of the day through the tickets that are sold by us and also another camera for the best photographer throughout all of DokuFest. This information is included in the cinema tickets.

In DokuShop we have shirts will inscruptions “DOKUFEST”, also traditional wooden slippers, maps of Dokucity, movie catalogs and much more.Come to DOKUSHOP in the middle of ShadĆ«rvan from July 31st to August 7th from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening and we will make sure that you are happy and satisfied!

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