03 August 2010


¬† “Presence of the Actor” workshop with the Hungarian filmmaker Marcell Ivanyi continued today with the second session. A diverse guest crowd from Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Hungary and Rumania began the workshop yesterday with analysis of story structure, elements, positioning and movement of camera and actors, and other film elements.

 Marcell Ivanyi used his own experience as a director in shooting long film takes to discuss the best positioning of actors in screen with workshop participants.  Ivanyi became known in the European film scene with his short film Wind (Hungarian: Szél ) with which he won the Golden Palm in the Cannes Film festival in 1996. A short film shot in one take, it tells a story inspired by a photo of three women.  Through a rich choreography and camera movement Ivanyi slowly but surely moves to the climax is his film, which you can see at this link.

¬†Actors, directors and film enthusiasts were given assignments to write scene summaries, watched excerpts from Orson Welles’ “Touch of Evil”, Alfonso Cuar√≥n’s “Children of Men”, analyzing and commenting on film elements like tone, camera and positioning of actors.

In the second day, teams shot 3 minute films that were completed and analysed throughout the workshop day. 

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