12 July 2010


One of the many special programs of Dokufest 2010 is the series of documentaries “Cities on Speed” which take us through four megacities of the world:Ā  Shangai, Mumbai,Kairo and Bogota.
The four documentaries focus on major problems of these megacities such as overpopulation, garbage etc. through the eyes of their citizens.

Shanghai Space directed by Nanna Frank Moller, treats the theme of abnormal growth of
Shanghai, the city where the word ‘chai’-demolition is an everyday phrase.

Mumbai disconnected by Camilla Nielsson and Frederik Jacobi, is “a comedy about infrastructure” and the transportation problems of “the city of no” that is of Mumbai.

Cairo Garbage by Mikala Krogh and Sigrid Dyekjaer tells the story of the world’s number one garbage producing city, Cairo.

Bogota Change directed by Andreas Mol Dalsgaard talks about Columbia’s capital- Bogota known twenty years ago as the centre of crime, and today as one of the world’s best megacity models of urban planning.

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