22 July 2010


Prizren, Kosova, July 22, 2010 DokuFest today announced its full slate of films for the 2010 festival, taking place July 31- August 7, 2010 in Prizren, Kosovo.  The festival will present 156 films representing 34 countries, selected from more than 1300 submissions. In addition to this number, DokuKids, children and youth section of DokuFest, will present additional 45 films in two competitions and two special programs. New this year is retrospective of acclaimed Yugoslav filmmaker Zelimir Zilnik and Philippine wunderkind Khavn de la Cruz.
Also new are several strands, including: Spotlight Afghanistan, Cities on Speed and Europe Next Door.
This year, Made In Finland strand is dedicated to the recent production of documentaries and short films from Finland.
Oberhausen on tour and DocumentarIst@DokuFest are two strands specially compiled to present Oberhausen Short Film Festival from Germany and DocumentarIst festival from Istanbul, Turkey.

In addition to five competitive sections DokuFest will also give awards in three additional categories.

Audience Award will be bestowed upon film/s based on the results of ballots cast by festival attendees after theatre screenings. Features and short films playing in the Competitions are eligible for Audience Award.

Human Rights Award will be awarded to a documentary that addresses human rights and social justice issues.

Best Newcomer Award will be awarded to a first or second film of a filmmaker from Balkan Documentary Competition. Balkan Documentary Centre from Sofia is proudly presenting the award.


The Oath / USA, Yemen / Laura Poitras - Abu Jandal is a taxi driver in Sana’a, Yemen. His brother-in-law, Salim Hamdan is a Guantanamo prisoner and the first man to face the controversial military tribunals.

A Film Unfinished / Israel / Yael Hersonski - This film is the quest for the truth behind one of the most mysterious Nazi propaganda films ever shot in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Beyond This Place / Switzerland / Kaleo La Belle - "Stoned for 40 Years" is how Cloud Rock La Belle, director’s son, describes his life.

Budrus / USA, Palestine, Israel / Julia Bacha - The gripping story of one man’s attempt, through 10 months of peaceful protest, to protect his agricultural Palestinian village from being arbitrarily divided by an Israeli government-built barrier.

Chemo / Poland / PawelLozinski - The patients in an oncology clinic receive chemotherapy.

Goodnight Nobody / Switzerland / Jacqueline Z√ľnd - „Goodnight nobody“ is a hypnotic journey through the night.

His & Hers / Ireland / Ken Wardrop- A 90-year-old love story told through the collective voice of 70 ladies at different stages of their lives” HIS & HERS is a creative documentary that combines observation and imagination to illustrate a universal love story.

tThe Mouth of The Wolf  / Italty / Pietro Marcello - Doing for his scruffy home-town what Terence Davies did so brilliantly for Liverpool in Of Time and the City, director Marcello blends footage new and old Рsome of it very old Рinto a dazzling, award-winning kaleidoscope of Genovese history.

Space Tourist / Switzerland / Christian Frei - In his most recent work, Christian Frei turns to an age-old dream of man: to leave our planet as a ¬ęnormal person¬Ľ and travel into outer space.

The Player / The Netherlands / John Appel - A film about gambling, winning and losing in the broadest sense of the words, based on the director’s memories of his father.

War Don Don / USA / Rebecca Richman Cohen - In the heart of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, United Nations soldiers guard a heavily fortified building known as the “special court.”

1000 Voices / UK / Tim Travers Hawkins - Voice messages appear on an abandoned phone in the basement of a government ministry.

Albert’s Winter / Denmark / Andreas Koefoed – A story about Albert, whose mother is sick and in chemotherapy. Meanwhile his parents want him to start choir school.

Holding Still / Denmark / Florian Riegel - We meet Janice, who has lived in Seaside for over twenty years, however almost none of the other residents has ever seen her.

I Know Where I’m Going / UK / Ben Rivers - A fragmented road trip through Britain on the peripheries. Down empty roads, off in the wilderness, a few lone stragglers.

If These Walls Could Talk / Ireland / Anna Rodgers - This haunting and visually stunning short explores several desolate and abandoned psychiatric hospitals throughout Ireland.

Peter in Radioland / UK / Johanna Wagner - Peter is on sick leave and spends most of his time alone in his house, contemplating his past.

Przyzeczona - Little Bride / Poland / Leslaw Dobrucki – A story about a thirteen year-old girl that she was brought from her native Turkey to Germany to marry one of her cousins.

Six Weeks / Poland / Marcin Janos Krawczyk - Due to different life situations there are mothers who do not want or those who cannot bring up their children.

The Darkness of Day / USA / Jay Rosenblatt - The Darkness of Day is a haunting meditation on suicide.

The Shutdown / UK / Adam Stafford - Alan Bissett recalls the intense experience of growing up next to one of Europe's largest petrochemical plants and the harrowing experience of an explosion that temporarily deformed his father.

Unearthing the Pen / Uganda, UK / Carol Salter - Locheng, a young goatherd in northern Uganda yearns to be able to read and write

International Documentary Competition Jury: Doug Block/USA, Sonja Henrici/Scotland, AJ Schnack/USA, Adriatik Kelmendi/Kosovo and Pamela Cohn/USA

 Films to be screened within BALKAN DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION are:

1717 Kilometers of Summer /Slovenia/Croatia/B&H/Serbia/Montenegro/Kosovo/Jurij Meden- Super8mm record of a summer filled with with idiotic excursions, false goals, prodigal waste, disappointed loves, galling personal insufficiencies, half-witted associations, but still a rather memorable and pleasant summer nonetheless.

Concrete Pharaohs/Bulgaria/Jordan Todorov- Welcome to the picturesque world of the Kalderash Roma – a closed community of no more than 1 million people all over the world. Concrete Pharaohs takes us on a journey into the lifestyle and traditions of the most hidden and intriguing Roma communities.

Once Upon a time/Greece/Eleni Varmazi-An old Greek man from Istanbul narrates his memories from his school years during the Ottoman Empire while we watch the present situation of the abandoned Greek Schools of Istanbul that are left with no students.

The Long Road through Balkan History/Serbia/Belgium/ Željko Mirković-Two writers, Miljenko Jergovic from Croatia and Marko Vidojkovic from Serbia, share the driving in a Yugo, the ultimate symbol of their common past, and drive it from one end to the other of the road once known as the "Highway of Brotherhood and Unity”.

Married to the Camera/Turkey/Doğa Kılcıoğlu-The film shows us the unknown faces of TV world through a very popular show in Turkey called “Marriage with Esra Erol” which aims to marry people in front of the camera.

The Guardian/Kosova/Antoneta Kastrati- “The Guardian” is a story about a mountain man and his struggle to save the forests of the Rugova Mountain from over-logging and environmental destruction.¬†

Sevdah/Croatia; B&H/Marina Andree Skop-The death of the mutual friend and lover of sevdalinka, Farah, has brought musician Damir and director Marina together. Trying to deal with their own loss and grief, they decide to create a film about sevdah.

Tobacco Girl / Germany / Biljana Garvanlieva- M√ľmine, a 14-year-old Turkish girl lives with her family in the high mountains of Macedonia. Her family belongs to the Turkish minority. M√ľmine’s family needs her for the difficult work in the tobacco fields – their only source of income.

The Town of Badante women/Bulgaria/ Stephan Komandarev-Varshets, a small old-fashioned SPA town in Bulgaria, has a high unemployment rate. The top breadwinning job in Varshets is not in town. It’s not even in the country! It’s the Italian profession “badante” which is attracting Varshets women in their hundreds.

The World According to Ion B/Romania/Director: Alexander Nanau-The film follows in real life the dream of any man living on the streets: to one day become famous and leave behind a life of poverty, misery and humiliation. Ion Barladeanu is on his way to becoming an important contemporary artist, but in May 2008 he was still an anonymous tramp on the streets of Bucharest.
Together/Croatia/Nenad Puhovski- Milka and Ratka are same-sex couples; Marija is a widow; Hrvoje is physically disabled; Vlado and Marija are mentally challenged; while Krešo and Branka are suffering financially. But they all seek love, understanding and acceptance. They all simply want to be: together.

Balkan Documentary Competiton Jury: Emel Celebi/Turkey, Michael Palmieri/USA and Sissi Korhonen/Finland

 Films to be screened within INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM COMPETITION are:

Left Right / Greece /Argiris Germanidis, Stavros Raptis- A man in pyjamas walks down a long corridor under the hum of a vacuum cleaner. He rings the bell of the neighboring apartment and waits for the door to open.

Elevator  / Kosova / Burbuqe Berisha - The story evolves in a hermeticaly closed environment where the author faces many weird and noicy characters.

Berik / Denmark / Daniel Joseph Borgman- A short drama about friendship and understanding, takes place in Semey, Kazakhstan.

Barking Island / France /Serge Avédikian - The newly-established government, influenced by a model of Western society, uses European experts to choose a method of eradication before deciding, suddenly and alone, to massively deport the dogs to a deserted island away from the city.

Tsunami / Albania /Shaqir Veseli- Tsunami represents an enormous force able to destroy nature, as intrigues destroy the human conscience.

The Best Father Ever /Germany/T√ľrkerS√ľer -One incident – three perspectives. But people are not capable to tell the truth.

Derby / Germany,Romania / Paul Negoescu - Mircea has a 15 year old daughter whose boyfriend is invited to dine with the family

D√≥nde Est√° Kim Basinger?¬† /France /EdouardDeluc- Marcus and his brother Antoine land in Argentina to celebrate their cousin’s wedding and to discover the pleasures of the capital, Buenos-Aires.

Ella /Norway/Hanne Larsen - Ella is a burlesque drama about old, boozed-up Ella, 73, who refuses to take a bath. Ella’s hobby is to drive her home helpers crazy.

Focal Point /Malaysia, Iran /Alireza Khatami, Ali Seiffouri - An old photographer has a magical camera, a legacy from his ancestors.

GirlLikeMe /UK / Rowland Jobson - Lucy is young, Lucy is damaged, Lucy is pretty and Lucy likes to play.

Hanoi-Warszawa /Poland/KatarzynaKlimkiewicz-A young Vietnamese girl comes to Poland through the green border.

Borders / Czech Republic /GyorgyKristof - Story of a maternal (self) sacrifice in a difficult situation set in raw but metaphorical environment.

Incident by a Bank / Sweden /Ruben √Ėstlund- A detailed and humorous reconstruction of a failed bank robbery witnessed in June 2006. A real-time study with over 96 people choreographed for the camera.

The Authority / Spain / XaviSala- A Spanish-Moroccan family that is going out on vacation is stopped by the police. After the humiliating search, things will never be the same.

Laura’s Party / Switzerland / Simon Jaquemet- Laura is going to be sixteen tomorrow. She wants to celebrate with her friends and her boyfriend Raoul: Disco, booze and Play station.

Miramare / Croatia, Switzerland / Michaela M√ľller - A look at life on the Mediterranean borders of Europe, where tourists try to relax while "illegal" immigrants struggle for a chance to a better life.

Rita/ Italy / Antonio Piazza, Fabio Grassadonia- Rita is ten years old and blind since birth. She lives in a seaside neighbourhood of Palermo. Rita is stubborn, curious and feels thwarted by an overprotective dictatorial mother.

Six Dollar Fifty Man/ New Zealand /Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland - Set in 1970s New Zealand, The Six Dollar Fifty Man follows Andy, a gutsy eight year-old boy who lives in a make-believe superhero world where his imagination allows him to perform extraordinary physical feats, to deal with playground bullies

Socarrat /Spain /David Moreno-We all have secrets. We all have family. We all search for happiness. What if we share our secrets and search for happiness together?

Vanni Mouse / Norway /TamiliamSubas -Vanni Mouse is a short film following the journey of two mice which flew from the wood of Vanni.

Venus vs. Me / Belgium /Nathalie Teirlinck - Entangled in a realm of thought, twelve- year-old Marie has trouble growing up.

 Live A Bit Longer / Belgium / David Lambert-In the early hours of every night, while his lover, Pierre is asleep upstairs, Nico works with his father the baker. All of a sudden he falls to the ground...

Wags wives and girlfriends / Germany/ Evi Goldbrunner, Joachim Dollhopf- Dina and Judith are the two new "WAGs" of the Berlin football club, i.e. they are the wife respectively girlfriend of two football professionals.

International Short Film Competition Jury: Khavn de la Cruz/Philippines, Andamion Murataj/USA and Elisabeth Sjaastad/Norway

 Films to be screened within NATIONAL COMPETITION are:

Concrete Mushrooms /Italy, Kosova, Albania/Elian Stefa, Gyler Mydyti- Can bunkers of Albania, once symbol of Comunist past, be turned into touristic sites? The Concrete Mushrooms Project is an initiative started by two graduate students at the Polytechnic of Milan’s Landscape Architecture department to prove it can.

Dinner /Kosova /Blerta Zeqiri- A usual dinner between the East and the West, where three young Albanian couples are having rice with bread, cold red wine and ketchup...

Gold Fever /Kosova /Arben Llapashtica- A documentary which intends to promote the preservation of the Novob√ęrda Castle.

 Childhood held hostage/ Albania /Donika Mustafaj- This film questions just how much can these children from rich families have a flourishing childhood.

The Lament of the Mountains/ Kosova /Majlinda Bregasi -The epic of the terrain seems to live in symbiosis whit their own life that refuses to burst the ancient law of mountains, where the honour has takes the first place

Iliriana / The Netherlands /Kosovo/Ernest Meholli -After the war his wife and son were killed, the Kosovar artist Migjen left with his two-year-old daughter Iliriana to the Netherlands.

The Clock Tower /Kosova /Arzana Kraja-A short story about a small place, where people do not respect Time and begin to have distortions of their personal time.

Last Orders /Kosova/Avni Ahmetaj -Students and tourists come from all over to take part in the binge drinking culture which has become synonymous with the city.

Red Apple / Kosova / Mentor Berisha – The protagonist of ¬†"Molla e Kuqe" is a worm who’s character is build upon his complaisance an curiosity. He is usually bizarre and unpredictable.

Qirak /Norway, Kosova/Jeton Troni -Qirak (apprentice) is about an orphan boy who works at a barbershop in Skopje, Macedonia.
The Notion of Immanent Causation/Iceland/Kosovo/√ďskar Arnarson-A pessimistic foreigner, living in Iceland, believes people have no power over their lives. Someone tries to convince him otherwise.

¬†My Brother – My Brother / Kosova /Burim Baftiu –Once, an eagle’s egg had fallen from the nest, next to a duck’s eggs. When the eggs hatch, the duck realizes that one of the birds is different from the others but the duck accepts the bird as it is.

 National Competition Jury:  Gentian Koçi/Albania, Hans Christian Leitich/Austria and Yll Qitaku/Kosovo

Films to be screened within GREEN DOCS COMPETITION are:

a BLOOMING BUSINESS/ The Netherlands / Ton van Zantvoort-In an intriguing way a BLOOMING BUSINESS shows the world of Jane, Oscar and Kennedy, who all depend some how on the huge flower farms in Naivasha, Kenya

Dreamland / Iceland / √ěorfinnurGu√įnason, AndriSn√¶rMagnaso-How much unspoiled nature should we preserve and what do we sacrifice for clean, renewable energy? Dreamland gradually turns into a disturbing picture of corporate power taking over small communities.

Garbage Dreams / USA / Mai Iskander - GARBAGE DREAMS follows three teenage boys born into the trash trade and growing up in the world’s largest garbage village, on the outskirts of Cairo. It is home to 60,000 Zaballeen (or Zabbaleen), Arabic for “garbage people.”

Into Eternity / Denmark / Michael Madsen - Every day, the world over, large amounts of high-level radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants is placed in interim storage, which is vulnerable to natural disasters, man-made disasters, and to societal changes.

Recipes for disaster / Finland / John Webster -Director John Webster convinces his wife and two small children that the whole family should go on an oil diet, yet without having to give up their middle class suburban lifestyle.

Petropolis – Aerial Perspective On The Alberta Tar Sands / Canada / Peter Mettler- The huge tar sands in Alberta are a potentially profitable resource, but the environmental impact could be heavy and long-term.

The Cove / USA / Louie Psihoyos- The Cove follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers as they embark on a covert mission to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan, shining a light on a dark and deadly secret.

Green Docs Jury: Jauime Gill I Llopart/Spain, Ruben Khachatryan/Armenia and Nael Marandin/France

OH LA LA /Sharon Katz
LEBENSADER /Angela Steffen
BUZZY THE FLY /Ivana Guljasevic
HOW THE SNOW FELL /Ivana Guljasevic
FISH SCHOOL/Ivana Guljasevic
BEAST IN THE HOUSE/ Neven Petricic

DokuKids Jury: Adea Grezda / Kosova/ Sorra Prize winner, Nerxhivane Qazimi/Kosova/documentary filmmaker, Viona Bejtullahu / Kosova/ Sorra Prize Winner.

Festival’s Special Programs are:


David Wants to Fly / Germany / David Sieveking - In search of enlightenment young David follows his idol David Lynch and uncovers the billion-dollar industry behind Transcendental Meditation.

Enemies of the People / UK / Rob Lemkin, ThetSambath - The Khmer Rouge slaughtered nearly two million people in the late 1970s. Yet the Killing Fields of Cambodia remain unexplained. Until now.

Erasing David / UK / David Bond – David Bond decides to find out how much private companies and the government know about him by putting himself under surveillance and attempting to disappear – a decision that changes his life forever.

I Shot My Love / Israel, Germany / TomerHeymann - Seventy years after his grandfather escapes from Nazi Germany to Palestine, Israeli documentary director TomerHeymann returns to the country of his ancestors to present his film “Paper Dolls” at the Berlin International Film Festival, and there meets a man who will change his life.

Jaffa the Orange's Clockwork / Israel / Eyal Sivan - Jaffa, the orange’s clockwork narrates the visual history of the famous citrus fruit originated from Palestine and known worldwide for centuries as "Jaffa oranges".

October Country / USA / Michael Palmieri, Donal Mosher - October Country is a beautifully rendered portrait of an American family struggling for stability while hauntedby the ghosts of war, teen pregnancy, foster care and child abuse.

¬†Presumed Guilty / Mexico / Roberto Hern√°ndez, Geoffrey Smith - A story of Jos√© Antonio Z√ļ√Īiga Rodriguez, nicknamed To√Īo, who was mistakenly accused of murder and condemned to twenty years in jail for being poor and in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Edge of Dreaming / Scotland / Amy Hardie - If you dream your own death, can it come true?

The Kids Grow Up / USA / Doug Block - A film about Doug Block’s relationship with his only child, Lucy.

The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers / USA / Judith Ehrlich, Rick Goldsmith - In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg, a leading Vietnam War strategist, concludes the war is based on decades of lies. 

The Woman With the 5 Elephants / Switzerland, Germany / VadimJendreyko – Swetlana Geier is considered the greatest translator of Russian literature into German.


Angela’s Mission / The Netherlands / Marc Schmidt- In February 2008, the former Yugoslav province of Kosovo declares its independence and the European Union starts restoring the Rule of Law in this newborn and disputed country.

Little Cannes-New media landscape Prishtina / Austria /  LenaKienzer, Liliane Sarah Kölbl-This film deals with the perspectives of an emerging communication society and with its various efforts within the cultural scene of Prishtina.

Nirgendwo.Kosovo- Nowhere.Kosovo / Germany/ SilvanaSantamaria-Haki, 28, a Kosovar belonging to the minority group "Egyptians", had livedin Germany for 17 years, as he was deported back to Kosova 2007, having to leave his German wife and two sons behind.

Shcule in Prizren¬† - Schools in Prizren/ Switzerland / Dominik Roost -The film tells about two schools in the city of Prizren, Kosovo: „ShkollaEminDuraku“and „Lidhja e Prizrenit“.

Two Summers in Kosovo / Canada / Christopher Bobyn , Andrew Lampard-We all watched it happen on television: 1 million refugees displaced from their homes; 78 days of NATO bombing over Belgrade and Pristina; the destruction of whole villages and innocent lives. In the spring of 1999, Kosovo had become the battlefront for the Balkan’s latest war.


Bogota Change / Denmark / Andreas M√łlDalsgaard-¬ĽBogot√° Change¬ę is the story of two charismatic mayors, AntanasMockus and Enrique Pe√Īalosa who, with unorthodox methods, in less than 10 years turned one of the world's most dangerous, violent and corrupt capitals into a peaceful model city populated by caring citizens.

Cairo Garbage / Denmark / Mikala Krogh -Once upon a time there was a city that was neat and tidy, and which was home to only 12 million people.

Mumbai Disconnected / Denamrk / Camilla Nelsson , Frederik Jacobi -Like a city on steroids, Mumbai is rapidly becoming one of the world's biggest megacities. But it's all happening on a narrow peninsula with an infrastructure on the verge of complete collapse. Every day, 10-12 people die from falling off the overcrowded public trains.

Shanghai Space / Denmark / Nanna Frank M√łller-Shanghai is an explosion of transformation. Every other day a new building is completed, and every year the city's population grows by half a million people

In January, Perhaps / Spain / Diogo Costa Amarante- Romania entered the European Union on January 1, 2007. On the same day, a two year moratorium was established on free circulation of workers coming from Romania
Europe Next Door/ Serbia / ŽelimirŽilnik-The film follows the effects of the Schengen Agreement on the Hungarian-Serbian border over a period from summer 2004 to spring 2005.

The Arrival / France /Claudine Bories , Patrice Chengard- Every day, they come from Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Congo, Sri Lanka, Iraq or Chechnya: whole families, with or without luggage, with or without passports, by charter flights or in trucks.

Osadne / Slovakia / Marko Skop-The mayor of Osadn√©, Mr. LadislavMikul√°ško, is a political record-holder. He has held the position of the village boss for a respectable thirty-six years.

Living In A Ghetto / Kosovo/ Luan Shllaku - Kosovo is the only country in the Western Balkans that has been left out of the EU’s visa liberalisation process. This has contributed to the further isolation of Kosovo and its citizens, which is already exaggerated as a result of limited international recognition of its staehood and passport.

Welcome Europa / France / Bruno Ulmer -Welcome Europa introduces us to some Kurdish, Moroccan and Romanian young men trying to find their way in Paris, Amsterdam, and other cities.


Mother doesn’t bowl anymore/ Finland / Teemu Nikki-Young nazi skinhead, V√§ino, comes home from prison. Mother is not around, but big brother is.

Benigni / Finland / Pinja Partanen, Jasmiini Ottelin, Elli Vuorinen-A lonesome xylophone player finds a viciously growing tumor under his arm. In his attempts to get rid of the tumor he discovers that it has some unconventional qualities.

Deep Six / Finland / Sami van Ingen -The film has three starting points: a little narrative re-edited from a Hollywood B-film (The Rage, 1998), an attempt to use the colour photocopy as a cinematic aesthetic, and an exploration of the frame line as a dynamic visual element.

To live, to Exist /Finland /Reetta Aalto-On the eve of her high school graduation party Veera finds out from her mother that her father has said he is staying alive only for the party.

The Harvest /Finland /Sami Korjus -For so long, the farmhouse lady Anja Huovinen has put up with her lazy husband’s drinking habits and idle talk

Freetime Machos /Finland, Germany /Mika Ronkainen-Matti and Mikko play for Finland's worst amateur rugby team. Overworked and domesticated, the two men long for a space to revel in their masculinity and bond with other men.

Hanasaari A/ Finland /Hannes Vartiainen,  Pekka Veikkolainen -Hanasaari A is an experimental documentary about the changing cityscape of Helsinki and the final moments of a coal-fired power plant.

High Hopes / Finland /Mazdak Nassir-Tale about an inventor couple and their obscured vision to raise a child to fly.

Father to Son /Finland / Visa Koiso-Kanttila - Father to Son is a documentary film about childhood and fatherhood. The film examines the painful relationship between fathers and sons through the eyes of one family.

Ito - A Diary of an Urban Priest /Finland /Pirjo Honkasalo - Set in Tokyo, Ito – A Diary of an Urban Priest tells the story of Yoshinobu Fujioka, a young Buddhist priest, and his fervent search for the meaning of life amid oppressive dreams, back alleys of the city and the darkness of the human mind.

A Mate /Finland / Teemu Nikki - Pera wants to try something kinky in the bathroom and he asks his mate to help him. Pera’s wife comes home too soon...

Little Snow Animal/Finland / Miia Tervo - Small town up north.No one to talk to.Nowhere to go but home. That, too, secluded. There, too, alone. Ceaselessly smoking cigarette.

Steam of Life /Finland/ Joonas Berghäll, Mika Hotakainen-  Naked Finnish men sit in the sauna and speak straight from their heart. In the warmth of rusty stoves these men cleanse themselves both physically and mentally.

No Man Is an Island /Finland /Sonja Lindén -A man lives alone on his island. He keeps in contact with his sick wife every day by phone but shares his everyday life with a cat.

The Living Room of the Nation /Finland /Jukka Kärkkäinen -The Living Room of the Nation follows the lives of Finns in their holiest place, the living room.

The Last Elephant / Finland /Antti Laakso -Elephant boy lives with crocodile father in a skyscraper. His happy childhood is shadowed by recurring nightmares and a strange inner emptiness.

Over the Fence/ Finland /Hamy Ramezan-Tomi (16) and Aino (12) are brother and sister and best friends, united by their love of football.


Addicted in Afghanistan/UK/Jawed Taiman-1 million Afghans are estimated to be addicted to drugs, especially heroin.

Camp Victory, Afghanistan / USA /Carol Dysinger - Camp Victory, Afghanistan follows a battle weary Afghan General and the steady stream of American and Italian soldiers deployed to "train" him and his men.

War and Love in Kabul /Germany /Helga Reidemeister - ssein and Shaima have loved each other since childhood, but they were separated by war. They meet again in Kabul in the late 1990s

Restrepo/USA/Sebastian Junger, Tim Hetherington-Restrepo is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the deployment of a platoon of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley.

Brooklyn - Gusinje
Crni Film – Black Film
Kenedi Se Vraca Kuci - Kenedi goes back home
Lipanjska Gibanja - June Turmoil
Nezaposleni Ljudi - The Unemployed
Pioniri Maleni - Little Pioneers
StaraŠkolaKapitalizma – The Old School of Capitalism
TrdnjavaEvropa - Fortress Europe
Ustanak u Jasku - The Uprising in Jazak
Zurnal O Omladini Na Selu, Zimi - A Newsreel on Village Youth in winter


Adarna& The Memory Of Crystal
An Open Letter To All The Terrorists Of The World
 Barong Brothers
 Rugby Boyz
 The Drowning Sea

 A Journey Across Grandmother
 AncailleachBhearra РOld woman of Bhearra
 Ãgtux - Telling Stories
 John and Karen
¬†Parlez-moi d’amour - Tell Me About Love

 Bu Sahilde РOn the Coast / Merve Kayan, Zeynep Dadak
¬†Duvar – The Wall / Emre Karadaş, Deniz Oğuzsoy
 KahpeDevran РNasty Age / Cahit Çeçen
LeylaileMecnunGurbette - Leyla and Mecnun Abroad / Zeynep √Ėzkaya
Miraz – Hope / Rodi Y√ľzbaşı
On The Way to School - İkiDilBirBavul / Orhan Eskik√∂y, √Ėzg√ľr Doğan

MIRAMARE / Miachela Muller
ESTERHAZY / Izabela Plucinska
 BENIGNI / Elli Vuorinen, Jasmiini Ottelin, Pinja   PARTANEN 
 RED-END and the Seemingly Symbiotic Society / Bethany de Forest and Robin Noorda

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