29 July 2010


What better place to open a window to the world for the guests ofĀ  DokuFest than at the top of a hill, right next to a historic fortress!

Centuries ago the Fortress of Prizren used to protect the city from invaders. In 2010 it will be invaded by curious people who will enjoy the best view from Prizren but also a view from the world through the movies.

This open-air cinema is installed on the highest peak of the town surrounded by nature and by history. With the fortress cinema on the list, Prizren now has three outdoors cinemas, perfect for the hot summer evenings. But do not forget to bring a sweater as the top of the hill might get pleasantly chilly. Two of these open-air cinemas were build especially for the festival.

The Riverbed cinema that DokuFest created a few meters above the city’s riverbed last year impressed a number of international guests, who wrote letters afterwards about what a unique experience it was to watch a movie in the open air with a river trickling right under your feet. This year Fortress Cinema will put the whole town in the viewers’ feet and in that it is a chance to experience films from a unique perspective. Ancient Greeks had amphitheatres for their entertainment – contemporary guests of DokuFest now have a real fortress for their evening dose of movies.

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