29 July 2010

DokuFest with record number of guests

photo by: Atdhe Mulla

The map of countries that DokuFest guests are painting is more diverse than ever before. We are honored and thrrilled to welcome film professionals from all over the world in Prizren during eight days of the festival.

More than 100 guests, among them acclaimed filmmakers, festival directors, producers, and journalists are attending the festival. Some of them are:

Khvan De La Cruz, Želimir Žilnik, Doug Block¬† (The Kids Grow Up), Francisco Bello (War Don Don), Visa Koiso-Kanttila¬† (Father to Son), Michael Palmieri (October Country), Chrisitan Frei¬† (Space Tourist), Tomer Heymann (I shot my love), Jacqueline Zuend¬† (Goodnight Nobody), Zoran Solomun (War and Love in Kabul), Osnat Trabelsi (Jaffa Orange’s clockwork), Alexander Nanau¬† (The world according to Ion.B.), Jana Touzimska and Karel Strachota (One world in schools) and many more.

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