Made in Switzerland programme announced

Made in Switzerland programme announced

First strand of what appears to be the largest programme of DokuFest yet, have been announced today.

Switzerland, country in focus of this year’s edition will be featured with no less than 16 films, with several more across other sections of the festival.

Some of the titles appearing in Made in Switzerland strand include Peter Mettler’s epic 3 hour masterpiece Gambling, Gods and LSD, Nicolas Wadimoff’s Aysheen, Still Alive in Gaza and Fernand Meglar’s La Forteresse.

Peter Leichti’s suicide expose The Sound of Insects and Christian Frei’s War Photographer will appear as part of a specially curated programme celebrating top films of past 9 years of DokuFest.
Also appearing is Tomas Imbach’s new film Day is Done, which will compete in International Documentary Competition of the festival.
Compiled in close cooperation with Swiss Films, it will bring to the festival a delegation from Switzerland to accompany the programme.

Full list of Made in Switzerland strand:

La Forteresse – dir. Fernand Meglar
Gambling, Gods and LSD – dir. Peter Mettler
No More Smoke Signals – dir. Fanny Bräuning
Heimatklänge – dir. Stefan Schwietert
Aisheen, Still Alive in Gaza – dir. Nicolas Wadimoff
An African Election – dir. Jarreth Merz
Nomad’s Land – dir. Gael Métroz
Being Azem – dir. Nicolò Settegrana

Stick Climbing – dir. Daniel Zimmermann
Ich Bin's Helmut – dir. Nicolas Steiner 
Auf der strecke – dir. Reto Caffi 
Dans La Peau – dir. Zoltán Horváth 
Le mirror – dir. Ramon & Pedro
Yuri Lennon Landing on Alpha – dir.  Anthony Vouardoux
Danny Boy – dir. Marek Skrobecki
Jeu – dir. Georges Schwizgebel

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