23 - 31 AUGUST 2013, PRIZREN


At the Kosovo 2.0 picnic, beat the heat with a refreshing shrub cocktail


The temperature in Prizren is supposed to reach a blistering 38 degrees today. That’s why we at Kosovo 2.0 have something special to cool off even the most overheated of Dokufesters. Stop by our picnic, which begins today at 6 p.m. just behind DokuCamp, near the ruin. There will be cool tunes, barbeque, cool beer and a special refreshing treat: watermelon shrub.

Most people know shrubs as those small tree-like plants. But this shrub is of the drinkable variety. Shrubs are fruit syrups that are said to date back to Colonial America. People didn’t have refrigeration in those days and fresh fruit tended not to stay that way for long. Enter the shrub.

The basic idea behind the shrub is to save the delicious parts of the fruit long after harvest. There are a few ways to do this, but they generally involve adding lots of sugar to fresh fruit. The sugar extracts the juice, creating a syrup, which is then separated from the fruit solids. Then vinegar is added to this ultra-sweet liquid. The result is a delicious syrup in which sweet and tart flavors are in perfect harmony. And it happens to be a perfect base for a variety of refreshing summer beverages.

Our shrub, which we’ve made over the course of several days here in Prizren, uses fresh watermelon. It’s foundation of several artisanal cocktails we’ll be serving up at the picnic for a mere 2 euro.