23 - 31 AUGUST 2013, PRIZREN


Young Belgraders shine mirror on themselves, Serbia’s malaise


By Irmin van der Meijden, Kosovo 2.0

Belgrade, 2009. The European Union is loosening up its visa policy towards Serbia , while winter snow is falling. To the three Belgraders that are portrayed in this film this should be a relief, a life changing event, but it's not. Life is just too complicated to be happy.

A female film student, young girl attends hedonistic parties, skypes with the love of her life who is doing sparse, physical jobs in order to earn some cash somewhere in the US, while her physical void is filled with a lover at home. Her life, even though it seems ok on the outside is lacking fulfillment. It seems not her fault, but a default, belonging to life in Serbia.

A civil rights activist, from Leposavic, Kosovo, studies in Belgrade. He forges a Serbian passport to travel to the EU, since Kosovars are not entitled to visa free traveling. An queer artist and performer makes an online radio show, while complaining that he has only three listeners. He has difficulties to tell the camera what moves his heart.

These young people have filmed themselves extensively, giving an honest depiction of contemporary Belgrade young city slickers. Being a mirror image of the strange time they have grown up in, these adolescents show us that in Serbia as probably anywhere in Southeast Europe, one cannot divide the sociopolitical context of these youngsters from their own life and biographies. It's heart braking to see that even relatively liberated and educated young people in one of the biggest cities, are struggling so hard with their own history, their situation and identity. Their reality is a suffocating blanket of pessimism; their way of dealing with this, courageous none the less.

2011, 85 MIN
Screening today @ Kino Kalaja, 20:30