23 - 31 AUGUST 2013, PRIZREN

Documentary Film School ACTive

Call for Applications

Documentary Film School ACTive

Studiorum, Pravo Ljudski, DokuFest and MakeDox, in cooperation with the Balkan Trust for Democracy,

invite all young people, aged 18-25, to apply for the regional documentary film school ACTive

Once the selection is done, 16 young people with strong interest in creative documentary film will participate in a diverse and informal educational program as the ACTive Documentary Film School is.

We are looking for young people with a passion for documentary stories and ideas, coming from environments and contexts that are underrepresented in the film industry.


  • You have to be between 18 and 25 years old;

  • ACTive is open for everyone, however young people who do not attend any formal educational institution and come from smaller towns and rural areas are especially encouraged to apply;

ACTive is a diverse and informal educational program that includes several segments such as creative thinking and creative approach in the process of writing, researching and developping storylines for documentary film as well as directing, camera and sound, editing and postproduction.

ACTive will take place in Prizren from July 20 to July 28, 2013. Attendance at all workshops and lectures is mandatory for every participant.


For more information, please visit our websites:

www.studiorum.org.mk / www.pravoljudski.org / www.dokufest.com / www.makedox.mk

We kindly ask you to send the complete application documents

(completed application form, CV and cover letter)

by June 10, 2013 at:apapikj@studiorum.org.mk

Here you can find the Application form

For more information, feel free to contact us at apapikj@studiorum.org.mk


- We suggest that you make a copy of your application documents and file it in your archive.

- All information provided will be treated confidentially. In case you withdraw your application, all documents will be destroyed.

- Only complete and timely applications will be taken into consideration.