23 - 31 AUGUST 2013, PRIZREN

1/2 Revolution

Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim, Denmark,
2011, Colour, 72 min

    Arriving in Cairo on assignment, 27th of January 2011, acclaimed documentary film-maker Omar Shargawi could not have predicted that the streets would erupt in one of the most important revolutions of this century. Alongside fellow filmmaker Karim El Hakim, Shargawi captured the reality of the revolution that occurred almost hidden from the global media, away from the Tahrir square, in the alleyways and streets as well as peoples' homes. They fled Egypt with the film material hidden in a pram. Others were not so lucky…


    07.07, Kino Lum, 22:00


    11.07, Shtëpia e kulturës, 12:00
    Director: Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim
    Producer: Carsten Holst
    Cinematographer: Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim
    Editor: Jeppe Sandholdt, Jeppe Bødskov, Thomas Papapetros
    Sound: Alex Pavlović

    Director biography

    Omar was born in 1974 in Denmark. Raised by his Danish mother and Palestinian father in Copenhagen. Started his career as a photographer.
    Karim is a half Egyptian half Swedish award-winning filmmaker who has worked on films exhibited at many festivals. He studied Art and the history of art and Architecture at Tufts University (BA '91) and is currently based in Cairo.

    Festivals and Awards

    Sundance 2012. Dubai Int’l Film Festival 2011.


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