23 - 31 AUGUST 2013, PRIZREN

Workers leaving the factory (again)

Die ArbeiterInnen verlassen die Fabrik

Katharina Gruzei, Austria,
2012, Colour, 11 min
Workers leaving the factory (again)

    Buzzing neon tubes light up the pitch black corridor of an abandoned tobacco factory. A walk through the endless uncanny corridor is accompanied by workers that seem to multiply. Tableau vivants of workers evoke questions about the working class today and the representation of female workers. The film transforms into a silent movie with a quote of the Film “La sortie des usines Lumière”.


    10.07, Shtëpia e kulturës, 12:00
    Director: Katharina Gruzei
    Producer: Katharina Gruzei
    Cinematographer: Renate Bauer
    Editor: Katharina Gruzei

    Director biography

    Born: 1983 in Austria. Studied Experimental Audio-Visual Design and Art and Cultural studies at the Art University Linz, and was a student Katharina Sieverding's master class at the Berlin University.

    Festivals and Awards

    Diagonale, Graz 2012. Crossing Europe, Linz 2012.


    Katharina Gruzei
    Stockhofstrasse 52/7
    4020 Linz, Austria
    + 436503602367