23 - 31 AUGUST 2013, PRIZREN

Where the Condors Fly

Carlos Klein, Switzerland/Germany/Chile,
2012, Colour, 91 min

    Chilean film director Carlos Klein accompanies Russian filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky during the shooting of his latest film. In Patagonia, at Lake Baikal and in Shanghai, Victor Kossakovsky explores the singular relationships between places and people on opposite sides of the world. Carlos Klein documents the making of this ambitious film in a very personal way, driven by his own inner search for images that still have an impact on us. While doing so, he reveals his own and Kossakovsky‘s ambiguous attitude towards filmmaking. “Where the Condors Fly” is a critical and deeply humorous reflection about cinematography.


    10.07, Kino Kalaja, 20:30


    12.07, Shtëpia e kulturës, 14:00
    Director: Carlos Klein
    Producer: Vadim Jendreyko
    Cinematographer: Carlos Klein
    Editor: Carlos Klein, Beatrice Babin, Vadim Jendreyko
    Sound: Mario Diaz, Patrick Becker, Rafael Huerta, Huang Xun

    Director biography

    Born in Santiago de Chile in 1972. The Chilean-German movie director studied filmmaking in his hometown, in Cuba and in London. He reinforced his knowledge of filmmaking during research studies of “Cinema and Television“ at the Universidad Arcis, Santiago de Chile from 1993 to 98.

    Festivals and Awards

    Visions du Réel 2012.


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