23 - 31 AUGUST 2013, PRIZREN

Chasing Ice

Jeff Orlowski, USA,
2011,Colour, 75 min

    When National Geographic photographer James Balog asked, “How can one take a picture of climate change?” his attention was immediately drawn to ice. Soon he was asked to do a cover story on glaciers that became the most popular and well-read piece in the magazine during the last five years. But for Balog, that story marked the beginning of a much larger and longer-term project that would reach epic proportions.


    07.07, Kino Lum, 20:30


    09.07, Shtëpia e kulturës, 12:00
    Director: Jeff Orlowski
    Producer: Jerry Aronson, Paula DuPre' Pesmen
    Cinematographer: Jeff Orlowski
    Editor: Davis Coombe
    Sound: Dustin Cawood

    Director biography

    Since graduating from Stanford University in 2007, Jeff has been working with James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey, based in Boulder, Colorado. Orlowski’s previous work has taken him to the Tour de France for a behind-the-scenes documentary and to South Africa to document Stanford’s Talisman Group. He also works as a photographer and has documented Robin Williams, Jane Goodall, Nelson Mandela and many others. In 2009, Orlowski founded Exposure, a film production company dedicated to socially relevant filmmaking.

    Festivals and Awards

    Hot Docs 2012.Sundance 2012.San Francisco Int’l Film Festival 2012.Full Frame 2012.SXSW Film Festival 2012.


    Paula DuPre' Pesmen
    Exposure, LLC
    60 Cedar Brook
    Boulder, Colorado, 80304
    + (303) 818-0850